US Embassy Delivers Bulletproof Tactical Vehicles Donated by The US to Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Ministry of Security had made the announcement some months back of the donation by United States of three tactical vehicles known in Costa Rica as “Bestias” to be used by Specialized Units.

Today, in an official act with the presence of the director of the Judicial Investigation Organism, Walter Espinoza, Mariano Figueres, Director of Intelligence and Security and US Ambassador to Costa Rica Sharon Day, among others.

The three tactical vehicles are bulletproof and will help the police forces in their operations to battle organized crime.

Walter Espinoza commented: “The Costa Rican government is very grateful to the United States for this donation and the support they’ve always shown us, these cars are an important tool that will allow us to continue working to control the criminality in the country and do our job more efficiently. We already have a name for the car we are receiving, we are naming it “El Justiciero” ( “The Vigilante” ) to go along with “El Protector” (“The Protector”) which was the first vehicle used by the team of tactical response. The ultimate beneficiary is the country and its citizens. We will take on the responsibility to ensure this resource is used adequately”.

Ambassador Sharon Day stated “More than a century ago our US President Theodore Roosevelt used a phrase that comes to mind to me today when I see these trucks ‘Speak softly but carry a big stick’, if Roosevelt were alive today to see these magnificent ‘Bestias’ I think he might say something very similar, perhaps he would look at these vehicles and say ‘Speak softly but drive a big truck’, this donation worth 625 thousand dollars may not seem like an obvious project by the United States Embassy to support, because after all Costa Rica is a peaceful country and cautious about government force , but Costa Rica also knows that it is now immune to the raising threat of drug trafficking nor is it immune to the increase of violence in the country… These trucks will help your security agencies patrol through the neighborhoods no matter how tough the situation or neighborhood may be. These trucks symbolize the strong bilateral relationship between our countries”.

Sharon Day highlighted that in just last year the US government invested more than $30 million to help train and equip Costa Rica’s security and justice sectors.

The United States had already donated two ships that should be arriving to the country later this year for use by the Coast Guard Service; currently a team of Costa Rican officers are receiving training for the use of the same in the United States.

by Laura Alvarado ,The Costa Rica Star

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