There is no Holidays in Costa Rica without Toros!

TorosALaTicaDifferent countries have different Christmas and New Year´s tradition. Some have snow, and freezing weather. Costa Rica has Toros. Yes, we have bulls! But what do bulls have to do with Christmas? For a Tico it has a lot to do, as a matter of fact most Costa Ricans won´t feel like it is Christmas without bulls.

For many years, the City of San Jose has celebrated their city festival from December 25th to January 3rd. The festival is held in Zapote, which is a town on the East side of the capital city. As part of the tradition people enjoy food stands, roller coasters, bars, dance halls, horse parade, a carnival and of course the Toros a la Tica. Every day, twice a day, hundreads of people go inside a bull ring to face a furious bull with nothing other than a cape and their speed. Some more brave man ride the bull, but the main attraction is to see the brave improvised toreros risking their lives to entertain those who come see their performance.

But may be you are asking yourself, if the celebration is for San Jose, why is it a tradition for the whole country? National TV channels like channel 6 and channel 7 air the bull fights every day for the whole country to watch. So it becomes a tradition for all Ticos to spend their holiday vacation watching the toros a la tica.

If you happen to be in Costa Rica for your holiday vacation make sure to turn on your TV and take a peek at the toros to get a full taste of a Costa Rican Christmas, and as you are watching make sure you grab a tamale to make your time totally worth it.

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