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Uber Business Is Now in Costa Rica

Uber is still in the headlines of major Costa Rican newspapers. Despite all the efforts from the “Taxis Rojos” – the official taxis of Costa Rica – to ban Uber from the country, the company seems to be growing and offering new services to its customers; first was Uber, then Uber XL and now Uber Business.

As of April 18th, 2016, the corporate service of Uber is available in Costa Rica, it was already offered in other countries like Panama and Mexico. According to an Uber spokesperson, employees from a company can all travel under one account using the same corporate credit card and with many other benefits for the corporation.

As an example, in Mexico Uber Business allows a company to register up to 1,000 employees under the same credit card. Also, the company can coordinate the transportation and approve the users that will travel from the Uber website.

Uber is growing in Costa Rica and offering an excellent service to its customers. As of now, Uber is only available in the Central Valley, but we surely hope to have the service available in Guanacaste soon.

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