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Coopetico – A Local Taxi Union – Is to Launch App for Its Customers

taxicrcIn what we believe to be a move against UBER Costa Rica, Coopetico – a local taxi union out of San José – has decided to launch an app to improve its costumer service. The group announced this week that the app will be ready in two weeks and that it will help consumers request taxi services from the location they are, they could even a Tico direction and the drivers will know how to get there (we might have to write an article about a Tico direction sometime in the near future, it is actually amusing).

Coopetico has been working on the app for over a year. Phase one of the project was to test to separate platforms and making the necessary adjustments to come up with a better alternative for taxi users and drivers. The user will also be able to pay for its service with cash or debit or credit card.

Once the user request the service, he will receive confirmation containing the name of the taxi owner and a phone number to contact the owner in case there is a problem with the service or a delay with the arrival of the taxi.

The app was developed by the Empresa de Servicios Públicos de Heredia (ESPH), and will be only available for iOS users. No android version yet. Coopetico informed that they are also offering customer service training to taxi drivers to improve the services they offer to the final consumer.

There has been much complain from the taxi drivers and owners about UBER. However, this move from the taxi group is proving that healthy competition produces better services. Taxi users in Costa Rica would have never dreamed of having apps like this or better services in Costa Rica. It looks lik, but is also helping the consumers of taxi services who won´t be using UBER.

Uber Business Is Now in Costa Rica

Uber is still in the headlines of major Costa Rican newspapers. Despite all the efforts from the “Taxis Rojos” – the official taxis of Costa Rica – to ban Uber from the country, the company seems to be growing and offering new services to its customers; first was Uber, then Uber XL and now Uber Business.

As of April 18th, 2016, the corporate service of Uber is available in Costa Rica, it was already offered in other countries like Panama and Mexico. According to an Uber spokesperson, employees from a company can all travel under one account using the same corporate credit card and with many other benefits for the corporation.

As an example, in Mexico Uber Business allows a company to register up to 1,000 employees under the same credit card. Also, the company can coordinate the transportation and approve the users that will travel from the Uber website.

Uber is growing in Costa Rica and offering an excellent service to its customers. As of now, Uber is only available in the Central Valley, but we surely hope to have the service available in Guanacaste soon.

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