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Exciting News For Playas Del Coco and surrounding communities…

Presented by:  Coldwell Banker Coast to Coast Properties, Linda Gray Owner/Broker and Cynthia Urena
marketing and rental associate.

Coco Gas Station photo 1Por Fin, At last Coco will have a fully operational gas station. Introducing Servicentro El Coco.

The Fisherman Chamber of Guanacaste (started in 2,000) announces the grand opening of the new gas station in Coco Beach this Thursday, September 1st at 3:00 P.M. The Chamber members are commercial fishing boat owners and fisherman.  There are 700 members located from Cabo Blanco to Bahia Salinas.

The Chamber lobbied for and acquired the rights for licensed commercial fisherman (which includes boats providing tourist services) to purchase gasoline tax free!  To be eligible for this tax free benefit you have to get a license from INCOPESCA (goverment entity that oversees fishing related regulations and activities) and acquire an insurance policy from CCSS ( “caja” govermnet owned insurance entity).  There are only three categories of eligibility; 1) Artesanal (small boats that fish commercially) 2) Palangre (the larger commercial boats) and 3) turistico  (fishing as a tourist recreation).

The President of the Chamber is Martin Leonardo Contreras.  He has an interesting and community related
background:  born and raised in Coco from a family of fisherman and a former math teacher.
He was asked what motivated him to get involved and lead the Chamber and he replied stating that during his childhood and wonderful lifestyle his parents provided for  him (his family have been and are fisherman) he wants to pay back  the community of fisherman.

The chamber promotes and lobbies for the rights of fisherman and continuously works to maintain and enhance the Chamber’s goals and objectives. In addition to pursuing the gas station project (financial and service oriented objective) they are also involved in the social and Martin Contreras president of Fisherman Chamber of Guanacaste signing Banco Popular loan to finance the gas station (1) - Copycommunity interests of their members by investing in the advancement of their members’ education; 25% of the chamber income is dedicated to providing scholarships and helping schools where the members live.

The Chamber and Martin have diligently worked and with painstaking efforts to get the necessary permits and paperwork to have their gas station project become a reality (4 years). The project was approved during a general “asamblea” of chamber members.  After signing with RECOPE “Refinadora Costarricense de Petroleo” (another goverment entity) August 30, 2016, they are ready to open to the public  this coming Thursday September 1, 2016 at 3:00 P.M.  The station has 5 pumps offering;  super Gasoline, regular Gasoline and diesel, as well as the tax free gasoline for the licensed fisherman (one pump will be exclusive for the tax free gasoline).

The gas station project has been funded by Banco Popular de Costa Rica as well as with the backing of their 700 Chamber members.  Additionally, ADICOCO (Community association) and the local residents of Playas del Coco openly showed their  approval and support.

OK – now we share with you the location: the gas station is located 200 meters south from the Coco Public School. It will be open 24/7.  Think of the time and money we can save not having to drive all the way to Sardinal!  AND hopefully a very profitable venture for the Chamber and eventual scholarship endeavors.

Great news…. What is next for Coco?

International Guanacaste Veteran´s Association Is Working to Positively Impact the Community

Veterans PicRetiring in Costa Rica is amazing! Playas del Coco in Guanacaste, has a large number of retired foreigners who have made this place their new home. Attracted by the outstanding ocean views and the relaxed lifestyle, the proximity to an International Airport with daily flights to the U.S. and Canada, the area becomes a convenient location for retirement. One of the main questions people ask themselves when they are considering to retire to a certain community is “what is there for me to do?” Luckly, Guanacaste has a pretty active retired association called International Guanacaste Veteran´s Association.

The International Guanacaste Veteran’s Association had their monthly meeting March 19, 2016 at the A Lo Tico Restaurant (new owners – one is an active duty Navy Seal soon to retire in Coco). Linda Gray, Owner/Broker of Coldwell Banker Coast to Coast Properties, member of the Veteran’s Association (her husband Jim is a retired Lt. Commander U.S. Navy Submarines), organized the event with the help of a devoted volunteer Lee Rhea.

There were guest speakers at the meeting. First speaker was Priscilla Solano, President of the Chamber of Tourism Guanacaste (CATURGUA). She spoke about all the projects the Chamber is working on. The primary project is to provide water for our area (Sardinal, Playa Hermosa and Playas del Coco).  It appears that between the local government, AyA (government owned water company) and the local community of Sardinal, there have been disagreements about area water use, volume and infrastructure. After several years it appears the local government will be on a fast track to solve problems and approach the minority in disagreement (long story) that it is the good of the general/majority public who must prevail.  She discussed different options for water systems; desalinization, water collection/storage, and a fairly new water collection system that collects the water from the air/humidity, purifying and collecting to storage facilities.  She also talked about the airport expanding to include cargo plans and mentioned that the last week of December 2015, 149 airplanes landed at the Daniel Oduber International Airport located in Liberia, Guanacaste. (Click to Tweet this great news!)

The next speaker was Diego Lopez from the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica, he used to be in the Navy, now working for the Embassy as the Representative in the United States Office of Defense and he is also connected to the Humanitarian Assistance Program.  He is currently working on a project in the Filadelfia (Carrillo) area where they are delivering water filter systems to a number of communities.

He is happy to work with our local government who must submit to him and the U.S. Embassy their requests for funding special projects like water filtration, collection and desalinization.  A non-for-profit organization cannot submit directly to the Humanitarian Assistance Program.  However, Diego encourages the Veteran’s Organization and the Chamber of Tourism of Guanacaste to work together to present ideas/projects to the city in order for them to submit requests to the U.S. Embassy.  Diego said he has already contacted the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers for possible assistance with the water projects.  He said they can also assist with security issues and requests also medical emergency (additional defibrillators, CPR training for the police, etc).

One of the Municipality of Carrillo attorneys was present at the meeting, Katherine Mourelo. Diego and Priscilla had the opportunity to speak to her about the projects they presented at the meeting.

The event attendees asked several questions of both speakers and there was a great deal of interaction after the presentation. The meeting created a great deal of synergy and hopefully will motivate volunteers to get and STAY involved.

Linda encourages the community to attend the Guanacaste Veteran’s Association meetings. You don’t have to be a veteran to attend or join but you do get the benefit of meeting new people, attending events that are informative and fun and the opportunity to get involved, volunteer and help promote worthwhile projects in the community.  The Association meets every 3rd Saturday of the month (except this last meeting) at Coconutz Restaurant on Playas del Coco Main Street at 11:00 A.M.

Just a reminder (another Veteran’s Project) – the Cardio Safe Community Project is having a CPR class, April 12, 2016 at the Bosque Del Mar Hotel (beach front) in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  To reserve a space call Linda’s office 2670-0805 or write to her at

Hard Rock Cafe Guanacaste, A Warm Hanging Out Spot in Coco

HRC_Guanacaste_StageHard Rock Cafe is a well known brand, famous for its music, artist memorabilia and its food. Last year, the brand came to Guanacaste and opened its restaurant in Playas del Coco. Could have not choosen a better place to be, close to the airport, lots of business around, amazing environment, Playas del Coco has it all.

From great food to amazing drinks, Hard Rock Cafe is a must visit spot if you are in the area. Food plates are large and tasty, so you can have a Nacho plate which will be enough for 2 or 3 if you are just looking to snack on something while enjoying a few drinks. Another amazing dish is the Jumbo Sampler which is also enough for two. it comes with Buffalo Wings, Chicken Tenders, Focaccia, Srtichoke Dip and Onion Rings, a true delight you can´t miss. If you are very hungry, you can go for a fried fish or a stake which are fresh and amazing!

When it comes to drinks Hard Rock Cafe Guanacaste has a vast array of them to choose from. You can pick from regular soda drinks to smoothies, to signature cocktails to local and imported beer, as well as Costa Rican crafted beer, which happens to be one of the few places where you can get this type of beer in the area. To finish up your meal you can get a hot and delicious cup of Britt Coffee, you cannot come to Costa Rica and not try the Café Britt!

The staff at the Hard Rock Cafe Guanacaste is nice and always ready to help you. These guys will make your time there fun. Make sure you come by around 7:05 pm to watch the staff perform a dance and interact with you if you feel like doing it!

Leave your comments below and let us know how was your experience at the Hard Rock Cafe Guanacaste.

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