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KFC Is Coming to Liberia, Costa Rica

fried chicken, wings, food, breadedFor some, that is good news! For others, it is not. Guanacaste has been known for an easy and slow paced lifestyle. We have Sodas, not fast food restaurants. But that is starting to change. For the better or worse? That is a decision each one has to make!

Currently in Liberia and the surrounding towns, that is La Cruz, Cañas, Bagaces, Playas del Coco, etc., we only have Subway, Pizza Hut, McDonald´s (the only one in the province by the way), Pollo Campero, Papa John´s and Quizno´s (inside the airport, so only those that area traveling can eat of it). But, KFC is coming to town!

It only makes sense to have a chain like this in Liberia, especially because of the amount of tourist traveling in an out of town. Also, many people from the surrounding towns come to Liberia on a daily basis.

On a positive note, this new opening will be generating job opportunities which are much needed in the region.

It has not been said where in Liberia or when the store is going to open. But the hiring process has already started. We will keep you posted in case you want to come by and enjoy some KFC chicken next time you are in town!

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