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Tamales! A Tico Christmas Tradition

A Costa Rican Christmas Tradition!

A Costa Rican Christmas Tradition!

Christmas in Costa Rica means Tamales time. The tamales have become a Costa Rican tradition for many years. It is a very elaborated dish made up of corn dough filled up with rice, pork or chicken, carrot and bell pepers. Other ingredients can be chick peas, petit pois, raisins, potato, tomatoe or dried plums. Once the dough is filled up with all the ingredients, the tamal is wrapped up in banana leaves and boiled until they cook.

The tamales can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner or coffee time. Basically, they make up a complete meal for any time of the day. Families get together, usually at grandma´s house to cook the tamales following the family recipe, which can vary from one house to another. A family could come up with as many as 200 tamales.

Tamales are shared between families and given to friends and neighbourghs as gifts or treats. The tamale tradition is so rich in Costa Rica that even the presidential family gets together to work on their tamales.

If you are planning to spend your holidays in Costa Rica, make sure you enjoy a tamale or two. We guarantee you won´t regreted. Make sure you get a hot cup of Costa Rican coffee to go with it!

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