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Hard Rock Cafe Guanacaste, A Warm Hanging Out Spot in Coco

HRC_Guanacaste_StageHard Rock Cafe is a well known brand, famous for its music, artist memorabilia and its food. Last year, the brand came to Guanacaste and opened its restaurant in Playas del Coco. Could have not choosen a better place to be, close to the airport, lots of business around, amazing environment, Playas del Coco has it all.

From great food to amazing drinks, Hard Rock Cafe is a must visit spot if you are in the area. Food plates are large and tasty, so you can have a Nacho plate which will be enough for 2 or 3 if you are just looking to snack on something while enjoying a few drinks. Another amazing dish is the Jumbo Sampler which is also enough for two. it comes with Buffalo Wings, Chicken Tenders, Focaccia, Srtichoke Dip and Onion Rings, a true delight you can´t miss. If you are very hungry, you can go for a fried fish or a stake which are fresh and amazing!

When it comes to drinks Hard Rock Cafe Guanacaste has a vast array of them to choose from. You can pick from regular soda drinks to smoothies, to signature cocktails to local and imported beer, as well as Costa Rican crafted beer, which happens to be one of the few places where you can get this type of beer in the area. To finish up your meal you can get a hot and delicious cup of Britt Coffee, you cannot come to Costa Rica and not try the Café Britt!

The staff at the Hard Rock Cafe Guanacaste is nice and always ready to help you. These guys will make your time there fun. Make sure you come by around 7:05 pm to watch the staff perform a dance and interact with you if you feel like doing it!

Leave your comments below and let us know how was your experience at the Hard Rock Cafe Guanacaste.

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