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Geothermal EnergyCosta Rica Is Moving Forward in the Production of Energy from Clean Resources

Most of the Costa Rican energy comes from hydroelectric plants throughout the country. Only about 3% of the energy produced per year in Costa Rica does not come from clean and renewable resources. Geothermal energy is the second largest type of energy produced in Costa Rica. However, the production of this type of energy is only 12,84%. In fact, Costa Rica has the capacity to produce 875 MW per year of geothermal energy. However, to date, it is only producing 195 MW… [Read more]

TobaccoCosta Rica Is Fighting Against Tobacco and its Effects on Public Health

In 2012, Costa Rican Government signed and implemented Law 9028, commonly known as Anti-Tobacco Law. Since its implementation, one person per day has been sanctioned for non-compliance with the law. According to the Health Ministry, they are sanctioning both, individuals and companies. Health Ministry indicates that over 1,000 people have been charged with penalty fees as high as $8,000. Although this higher fees are not as common today as they were at the beginning. One of the main goals… [Read more]

BA37D41EFCWhat´s Next for UBER in Costa Rica?

UBER has been operating in Costa Rica for one year. Yes, one year! Despite the fact that many want to see it come to a close. Others, have tried to block the app. And yet, others have reacted with violence against UBER drivers. The business is still running and becoming stronger. Humber Pacheco, UBER manager in Costa Rica, gave and interview to La Republica, which we are summarizing here.

One of the major improvements UBER has accomplished in Costa Rica, is… [Read more]

presacrCosta Rican Government Will Change Workshifts for Public Employees to Reduce Traffic Jams

Have you been to San Jose, Costa Rica lately? If you have, then you know the traffic jams are becoming border line unbearable. Some 10 years ago rush hour was Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 8:30 am and from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. But that is history past. Now, it seems that rush hour is from 6:00am to 7:00pm. Yes, you guess it right. Rush hour in San Jose is now an all-day event. Some of the main highways around San Jose and major roads inside the city seem like a big parking lot. Sometimes you can sit on traffic for about an hour and you… [Read more]

Costa Rican Government Is Drawing Upon More Dialogue in Congress to Obtain Approval of New Taxes

Costa Rican Executive Branch starts its third year of government in Congress with a reduced deck of strategies. Also, the odds of getting new taxes approved does not seem to be in favor of President Solis´ Administration. The government is faced by 9 different political parties which, have joined forces to fight against the government´s tax agenda. As a matter of fact, seven of those nine parties have promised not to touch any projects related to new taxes until the needed… [Read more]

Liberia (LIR) Airport in Costa Rica Announced a $10 Million Expansion Plan

Passenger traffic at the Liberia, Daniel Oduber Airport in Costa Rica (LIR) has significantly increased. That is giving way to an upcoming expansion announced by CORIPORT, the airport´s managing company. The expansion of the airport, located close to some of the most popular beaches in Costa Rica such as Playas del Coco, Tamarindo and Flamingo, will include the current waiting and… [Read more]

aguaNew Water Fee Aims to Subsidize Water to Poor Families

AyA – Costa Rican Water Supplier Authority – announced on February 1st that coming up soon there will be an additional fee on the water bill. The fee is expected to help provide free water to 61,000 families who live in extreme poverty. The fee is applicable by law since 1961 but it has never been collected. However, the need to provide clean water to poor families is becoming an issue in Costa Rica. Now, don’t be alarmed. The fee is … [Read more]

Uber Costa RicaUber in Costa Rica, Taxi Drivers Protested, Uber Offered Free Rides

Uber, a well-known app used to connect private drivers who offer transportation services to consumers came into Costa Rica near the end of year 2015. The entrance of the app to the happiest country in the world was not as peaceful as you would think. The official taxi drivers, red colored cars, got furious about the new services and the protest and street riots arise. Just on the first night of operations an Uber driver got ambushed by 5 official taxi drivers who wrecked his car breaking… [Read more]

solisReforma Procesal Laboral Has Been Finally Approved

The government of President Luis Guillermo Solís had as one of their main goals for this term to have theReforma Procesal Laboral Project back in Congress and get it approved. This plan to produce a major reformation on the process of how labor lawsuits are currently handled at the Costa Rican court houses. However, it had an article that legalized strikes and vital services such as health, police and other similar services. It had been vetoed by President Laura Chinchilla during her government. Sure enough, as soon as President Solis came to power, he cancelled the veto imposed by… [Read more]

mural cubanoCubans Do a Painting to Give Thanks to Costa Rica

A group of Cuban artists who have been in the temporary lodging provided by Costa Rican authoritiesin La Cruz, Guanacaste, decided to do something to show their appreciation for the Costa Rican people. They came up with the idea of creating a painting in one of the walls of the soccer field in La Cruz to show how Cuban culture and Costa Rican culture have come together over the past few months. The Municipality of La Cruz provided the paint and the Cuban artists gave their talent.

The came up with a beautiful piece…[Read more]

imigranteA Door is Opening for Cubans Stuck in Costa Rica

Over 45 days ago, Cubans started flooding into Costa Rica on their way to the U.S. They left Cuba to come to Ecuador by plane and from there, they started their way up north. Crossing over Colombia and Panama, their plan was to pass over Central America and Mexico before getting to their American Dream.


However, things changed as soon as they hit the northern Costa Rican border…[Read more]

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