bannerclinic24/7 Medical Clinic in Playas del Coco to Make Your Vacation Safer

When you think about vacationing in Costa Rica, most likely you are not thinking about medical issues and doctors. However, you might be one of those people who like to have everything well planned for and all details covered. May be you have a medical condition that requires for you to have a physician at hand. Those may be important details that are keeping you away from taking that dreamed vacation in Costa Rica. Well, now that should not be a problem in planning your next trip to paradise. If you decide to come to Playas del Coco, we have a solution for you! Dr. Alejandra Mendez Rodriguez and her medical assitant and partner… [Read more]

costaricaindexmapCosta Rica Is Within the 40% of the Most Developed Countries in the World

Costa Rica is a small country, it has less than 5 million people and it is only 19,730 mi2. Despite its size and the small number of inhabitants, Costa Rica is considered medium to high-developed country; in fact, it is among the 40% of countries with the highest development rate. The development observatory of the University of Costa Rica (UCR) came to this conclusion after evaluating 14 global indexes and 394 indicators in which Costa Rica is present. Among the considered indexes and indicators are those related to happiness… [Read more]

Annie Daly Shares Her 25 Reasons Why A Trip To Costa Rica Could Actually Change Your Life

Annie Daly has been to several places because of her job as a Travel Editor. However, she says that Costa Rica is, by far, one of her favorite places in the world. She liked it so much that decided to live in the country for 1 month while she could work remotely. She got to spend some time in both sides of the country – Caribbean and Pacific, the one known for its low-key rainforest vibe and the other known for its stunning beaches. So, according to Annie, here are the 25 reasons why Costa Rica… [Read more]

 Veterans PicInternational Guanacaste Veteran´s Association Is Working to Positively Impact the Community

The International Guanacaste Veteran’s Association had their monthly meeting March 19, 2016 at the A Lo Tico Restaurant (new owners – one is an active duty Navy Seal soon to retire in Coco). Linda Gray, Owner/Broker of Coldwell Banker Coast to Coast Properties, member of the Veteran’s Association (her husband Jim is a retired Lt. Commander U.S. Navy Submarines), organized the event with the help of a devoted volunteer Lee Rhea. There were guest speakers at the meeting. First speaker was Priscilla Solano, President of the Chamber of Tourism Guanacaste (CATURGUA). She spoke about all the projects [Read more…]

insurancePrivate Insurance in Costa Rica – A Growing Market

The need for insurance is something most ticos don´t think of. There is rarely an insurance culture in the Pura Vida land. Health care is provided by the State and it is an obligation for all employers to register their employees with the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social. Car insurance is optional, and the “marchamo” (vehicle ownership and circulation tax) includes a small basic insurance on it. So, if you ask a tico about insurance, they will probably tell you it is not necessary. However, we know insurance is a big thing for…[Read more]

flights to costa ricaThree New Airlines to Fly to Costa Rica Starting This Holiday Season

In early November, three airlines have started operating new flights from the United States and England to Costa Rica. Flights will come to both international airports available in the country,Juan Santamaria in San José (SJO) and Daniel Oduber in Liberia (LIR). The newcomers are Alaska Airlines and Thomson Airways. Also, Southwest Airlines has announced new routes from and to Costa Rica… [Read more]

immigration expertsApplying for Costa Rican Residency? Let the Experts Do the Job!

It is very important to know a few details about obtaining your residency, one of them is the fact that you do not need to be physically present in Costa Rica to complete your residency process. That is where a good and trusted law firm, like Immigration Experts, comes in handy… [Read more]


dimexWhat Residency Category Can I Apply for In Costa Rica?

There are three main residency categories to apply for in Costa Rica. You can apply as an investor, a renter, or as retired. In this article we present a quick summary of each one of the categories, this will give you a better idea of which one you can apply for… [Read more]




mapa banderaWhat Are the Main Requirements to Become a Costa Rican Resident?

There is some paperwork to get ready before applying for your residency in Costa Rica. To avoid last minute issues it is better to be prepared ahead of time. At Today in Costa Rica, along with our friends from Immigration Experts, we want to simplify things for you, so we present this guide to help you prepare you residency documents… [Read more]



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