If Your Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover Dental, Travel to Costa Rica

There is certainly a lot to be said with regards to health insurance in the United States and what it covers, we are not getting into this subject except to say that it is not uncommon for health plans to not include dental coverage; and even when you choose a plan that does include dental or opt for a separate dental insurance the majority of times the coverage only applies for needed or basic treatments and not for cosmetic services or what they many times call elective treatments.

It is certainly a shame that many dental treatments are considered “elective” or even “cosmetic” since for the most part all dental treatments have to do not just with having a nice smile, but also with a person’s self-esteem, their security, overall health and even economic opportunities. Unfortunately, as we stated before, getting implants or a full mouth reconstruction in the United States is considered “luxury” and the prices to get these services privately speak to this.

An option that should be considered is dental tourism, since it’s an ideal alternative to getting quality dental care at good prices while at the same time having the experience of visiting a foreign country; Costa Rica has positioned itself as one of the best destinations for dental care.

One of the main reasons to consider dental tourism has to do, of course, with prices, prices for dental care in Costa Rica in comparison to the United States can be as much as 75% cheaper than the United States, without sacrificing quality of professional care or materials, granted it all depends on the clinic and professional you pick, but for instance, a clinic such as Flikier Dental Institute has experienced professionals, the majority of which speak English and have studied in the United States, this clinic is certified in Costa Rica by all mandatory entities and is part of several specialties associations in the US; Flikier Institute works only with high quality materials. The reason prices are lower is because of the cost of labor, so being able to save money in your dental treatment will allow you to actually visit some of the wonderful sites this country has to offer.

Having a healthy smile is not a luxury, it is an investment in your physical and emotional health and you’ll be surprised how far it takes you in your job or business. If you are not able to afford comprehensive dental care in the United States get thedental care you need in Costa Rica.

By. Laura Alvarado, The Costa Rica Star

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