Hotels in Costa Rica Expect to Close The Year With 95% Occupancy..

As it is usually the case this time a year, hotels and lodges in different parts of Costa Rica have already began to see an upturn in their occupancy.

According to the Costa Rican Hotel Chamber (CCH) data gathered through December 14 shows that beach resorts are averaging 85% occupancy, while mountain hotels and lodges are averaging 80%.
For 2016 the occupancy reached 95% as the end of the year approached, and the CCH expects that number to be reached again.

Clearly not all hotels are benefited by this, since the hotels in San Jose actually see their numbers decline as people take advantage of the holidays, school break and summer to visit the different beaches or find peace in a mountain lodge. Hotels located in the city bet on other services to attract clients, from restaurants and bars, to rental of space for different corporate or entertainment events, end of the year parties, spa promotions, among others.The CCH stated that the average price per night at beach and mountain hotels this time a year is of US$250.00.

The Guanacaste Gold Coast, Manuel Antonio, Central and South Pacific remain the preferred destinations for national and foreign tourists during the months of December and January. Other popular tourism destinations include La Fortuna de San Carlos and Monteverde, however, during 2017 these areas did experience a lower percentage of occupancy during January and hope to see better numbers in 2018.

This year, hotels in the Caribbean and the South Pacific, reported very low occupancy specially during the month of June were they barely reached 42% and 51% occupancy respectively; the industry considered that the new low could obey to the fact that there was a 2% decrease in the number of tourists coming from the United States . Ending the year with positive numbers now becomes key to hoteliers in the country.

By Laura Alvarado, The Costa Rica Star

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