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Are You Thinking About An Exporting or Importing Business in Costa Rica?

Thinking about opening and importing or exporting business in Costa Rica? Or do you already have one and are looking for a reliable company to help you in the international logistics process? Conexión Logística Centroamericana S.A., is a company created in year 2014. It´s main mid-term goal was to become the best option for the transportation of…[Read more]

Uber Business Is Now in Costa Rica

Uber is still in the headlines of major Costa Rican newspapers. Despite all the efforts from the “Taxis Rojos” – the official taxis of Costa Rica – to ban Uber from the country, the company seems to be growing and offering new services to its customers; first was Uber, then Uber XL and now Uber Business… [Read more]

Banca Kristal Costa RicaBanca Kristal, First Women´s Bank of Costa Rica

December usually comes with surprises and people are already waiting for them. Last December was not the exception in Costa Rica. For the first time in history, a banking institution exclusively for women was created in Costa Rica. A new idea that no one knows how it will turn out. It will have to compete against large banks like…[Read more]


Glass globe with stock chart2016 Economic Projections for Costa Rica

The productive sector in Costa Rica will face similar scenarios to those faced in 2015.  However, the results will depend on the approval of fiscal package (expected to be approved for a long time now) and some external factors. Macro prices will have a similar behavior to those of 2015, and the economic stability will prevail… [Read more]



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