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20160915_101517Costa Rica, An Independent Nation Since 1821!

September 15th is the day Costa Rica celebrates its independence! Costa Rica has no army since 1948, and it has been said our army are our students and their training camps are the classrooms. September 15th is the day those armies go out on the street to march for their countries freedom! But it looks a bit different than what marching armies might look like in other places. Do you want to know how that looks? Well, images tell it better than words sometimes… So, sit back, relax and enjoy the… [Read more]

Costa Rica´s Peninsula Papagayo Project, Including the Four Seasons Resort, Acquired by Gencom Affiliate

Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica is one of the best tourist destination in Latin America, no doubt about it. As announced last month by Business Wire (, Gencom Affiliate has acquired the 1,400-acre luxury master development in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The amount of the transaction was no disclosed. Besides the award winning Four Seasons Papagayo, the Peninsula Papagayo project includes an 18-hole Arnold Palmer golf course and club house, the 180-slip Marina… [Read more]

Image result for la seleLa Sele Is One Step Closer to FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

Soccer -Futbol- is the passion of the Ticos, there is no doubt about it. When La Sele (the National Team) plays, the country goes wild. This last Friday, September 3rd, Costa Rica had an important game in Haiti.

La Sele is seeded in Group B of the 4th round of the CONCACAF (North and Central America and all the Caribbean islands) qualifiers with Panama, Haiti and Jamaica. Costa Rica came to this Friday´s game needed only 1 point to advance to next round, with two games left to finish the round – one against Haiti and one against Panama). The scenario for the Ticos looked good and everyone was… [Read more]

taxicrcCoopetico – A Local Taxi Union – Is to Launch App for Its Customers

In what we believe to be a move against UBER Costa Rica, Coopetico – a local taxi union out of San José – has decided to launch an app to improve its costumer service. The group announced this week that the app will be ready in two weeks and that it will help consumers request taxi services from the location they are, they could even a Tico direction and the drivers will know how to get there (we might have to write an article about a Tico direction sometime in the near future, it is actually amusing).

Coopetico has been working on the app for over a year. Phase one… [Read more]

fried chicken, wings, food, breadedKFC Is Coming to Liberia, Costa Rica

For some, that is good news! For others, it is not. Guanacaste has been known for an easy and slow paced lifestyle. We have Sodas, not fast food restaurants. But that is starting to change. For the better or worse? That is a decision each one has to make!

Currently in Liberia and the surrounding towns, that is La Cruz, Cañas, Bagaces, Playas del Coco, etc., we only have Subway, Pizza Hut, McDonald´s… [Read more]

Exciting News For Playas Del Coco and surrounding communities…

Presented by:  Coldwell Banker Coast to Coast Properties, Linda Gray Owner/Broker and Cynthia Urena
marketing and rental associate.

Coco Gas Station photo 1Por Fin, At last Coco will have a fully operational gas station. Introducing Servicentro El Coco. The Fisherman Chamber of Guanacaste (started in 2,000) announces the grand opening of the new gas station in Coco Beach this Thursday, September 1st at 3:00 P.M. The Chamber members are commercial fishing boat owners and fisherman.  There are 700 members located from Cabo Blanco to Bahia Salinas.

The Chamber lobbied for and acquired the rights for licensed commercial fisherman (which includes boats providing tourist services) to purchase gasoline tax free!  To be eligible for this tax free benefit you have to get a license from INCOPESCA… [Read more]

fractional3Want to Own Property in Costa Rica, But Won´t Use it All Year Round?

May be you have been down in paradise! May be you fell in love with Costa Rica the minute you step down from the plane! May be your dream is to own property in Costa Rica! But your main concern is, you won´t use it for many months during the year. May be you just want to be a few weeks in Costa Rica every year and then want to be back to wherever you call home. Then we have a solution for you! Fractional Ownership! Yes, now you can own property in Costa Rica for only a few weeks a year and not worry about it for the time you are not in a country. The best part is, we are not talking about shared time at a hotel or a resort… [Read more]

Noni, the Costa Rican Healing Fruit

More and more, people all over the world are looking at nature to find medicinal plants and treatments for their sickness or diseases. People are tired of having chemicals and artificial ingredients in their foods and medicines, and some ´people believe this is one of the reasons they are getting sick. So, nature becomes a good source for remedies and medicines. Costa Rica is one of those places in the world with plenty medicinal plants and a long history of medicinal plant usage. One of those fruits is noni (morinda citrofolia), it is originally from India, but it grows everywhere in Costa Rica… [Read more]

20160512_11365910 Reason Why You Should Visit A Fresh Market Next Time You Are In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is well-known around the world for its green rain forest, its pristine beaches, its flora and fauna, its active volcanoes, but also for the freshness of its mangoes, bananas, pineapples, cantaloupe melons, and pretty much all of its vegetables and produce. Every town in the country has a fresh market – or feria, the local Spanish term for Fresh Market – where local producers come by for a few hours or days to sell what they grow in their family farms. Bigger cities like Tibás and Zapote in San José have their fresh markets on Saturday mornings. Smaller towns like Liberia … [Read more]

Volcanopoas.jpg (650×432)Earth Day from Costa Rica

Is there a lot we can say about Earth Day? May be. I am sure if we do some research and a lot of thinking we can come up with a nice article about the Earth Day, or why is it important to take care of it, or evenGlobal Warming and how much it affects our earth. But we are sure you can find a lot of that all over the Internet.

Most companies are talking about Earth Day, and of course we have to talk about it too. But, instead of talking (or writing) about Earth Day, why don´t we show you what Earth Day looks like in Costa Rica? May be that way you will feel motivate to come and check it out on your own. Happy Earth Day! [Read more…]

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, El Clasico. What Does It Have to Do with Costa Rica?

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. No matter which team you put first, this is one of the most important soccer games in the world. Two of the biggest and richer teams in the world clash against each other to proof who is the best in the soccer field. Last Saturday, April 2nd, both teams clashed on the field of the Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona in what was the last Clasico of the 2015-2016 season for the Spanish Soccer, or Football, League. The game in itself is an exquisite… [Read more]

tony3A Costa Rican Artist Transforms Wood From Fallen Trees Into A Magical Masterpiece

An example of this is Tony Jiménez ( He is a Costa Rican sculptor who transforms wood from fallen tries into creative masterpieces. Tony was born in the northernprovince of Guanacaste. He has participated in several art expos where he has received many recognitions. Just by going online and checking the pictures of his art you [Read more…]

HRC_Guanacaste_StageHard Rock Cafe Guanacaste, A Warm Hanging Out Spot in Coco

Hard Rock Cafe is a well known brand, famous for its music, artist memorabilia and its food. Last year, the brand came to Guanacaste and opened its restaurant in Playas del Coco. Could have not choosen a better place to be, close to the airport, lots of business around, amazing environment, Playas del Coco has it all… [Read more]

eco logoA New Way to Experience Adventure in Costa Rica

When thinking of Costa Rica most people won´t think about a corporate developed environment, although that is something that goes on in most of the Central Valley area. People think of monkeys, crocodiles, rain forest, beaches, surfing, fishing, zip lining and volcanos, just to name a few. One of the amazing things about Costa Rica is that travel time between adventures is short, and it looks like it is becoming even shorter… [Read more]

TorosALaTicaThere is no Holidays in Costa Rica without Toros!

Different countries have different Christmas and New Year´s tradition. Some have snow, and freezing weather. Costa Rica has Toros. Yes, we have bulls! But what do bulls have to do with Christmas? For a Tico it has a lot to do, as a matter of fact most Costa Ricans won´t feel like it is Christmas without bulls…[Read more]


A Costa Rican Christmas Tradition!Tamales! A Tico Christmas Tradition

Christmas in Costa Rica means Tamales time. The tamales have become a Costa Rican tradition for many years. It is a very elaborated dish made up of corn dough filled up with rice, pork or chicken, carrot and bell pepers. Other ingredients can be chick peas, petit pois, raisins, potato, tomatoe or dried plums. Once the dough is filled… [Read more]



clasicoEl Clásico | A Costa Rican Tradition

Costa Rica moves around a soccer ball. Other countries like the US have many season sports like basketball, baseball, and football; not so Costa Rica. Yes, many sports are played in the country but nothing stirs up passions like soccer does. A typical Costa Rica town will have a school, a catholic church, a park and a soccer field. Kids play it on the streets and in schools and the country comes to a halt when the National Team, La Sele, plays… [Read more]


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