Earth Day from Costa Rica

Volcanopoas.jpg (650×432)Is there a lot we can say about Earth Day? May be. I am sure if we do some research and a lot of thinking we can come up with a nice article about the Earth Day, or why is it important to take care of it, or even Global Warming and how much it affects our earth. But we are sure you can find a lot of that all over the Internet.

Most companies are talking about Earth Day, and of course we have to talk about it too. But, instead of talking (or writing) about Earth Day, why don´t we show you what Earth Day looks like in Costa Rica? May be that way you will feel motivate to come and check it out on your own. Happy Earth Day!

Fauna in Costa Rica







eyelash-viper-costa-rica.jpg (640×426)

Flora in Costa Rica

Scenery in Costa Rica

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