Cubans Do a Painting to Give Thanks to Costa Rica

A group of Cuban artists who have been in the temporary lodging provided by Costa Rican authorities in La Cruz, Guanacaste, decided to do something to show their appreciation for the Costa Rican people. They came up with the idea of creating a painting in one of the walls of the soccer field in La Cruz to show how Cuban culture and Costa Rican culture have come together over the past few months.

The Municipality of La Cruz provided the paint and the Cuban artists gave their talent. The came up with a beautiful piece that shows different aspect of both cultures like: animals, plants, religious interest, friendship and phrases which are relevant to both cultures.

One of the artist who spoke on an interview and who was one of the leaders of the project said he was greatly impressed with the way Costa Ricans take care of the nature and the environment. He even ventured to say that Costa Rica is called to be one of the greatest ecological places in the world.

He also said he was impressed by how the Ticos go out of their way to help those in need. He said it is a trait Costa Ricans have by birth and that he has not seen that in any other place. This migratory experience has marked the lives of many people, both Costa Ricans and Cubans. Friendships were borned. Those who have had the opportunity to help or be helped will remember this experience for the rest of their lives.

To view the full interview in Spanish click here.

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