Costa Rica is the Best Country to Make Friends According to “Ease of Settling In” Index…

Expat Insider in its Ease of Settling in Index 2017 “covers various ‘soft’ factors that can be vital to making a staying abroad a success”. The survey took into consideration 65 countries.

Although Costa Rica dropped one spot in the general index from 2nd out of 67 in 2016 and 3rd out of 65 in 2017, Costa Rica was ranked best in the subcategory of Finding Friends.

“When it comes to friendships forged abroad, Costa Rica has the best results for both finding new friends I general and making local friends: 34% and 26% respectively are completely satisfied with these factors (globally 18% and 12%)”… “Moreover, 87% of respondents in Costa Rica are generally satisfied with friendliness of the population as well as their attitude towards expats. About four out of five (81%) generally feel at home in the Costa Rican culture; another 75% agree that it’s easy to get used to the local culture. It took more than half the respondents 52%, up to just six months to start feeling at home there”, details the report.

The country took place number 5 in the Feeling Welcome subcategory, the same position for Friendliness. Bahrain took the first spot in the general index followed by Mexico and Costa Rica.
The United States took position 28 in the general index and Canada is listed in 23.

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