Are You Thinking About An Exporting or Importing Business in Costa Rica?

Thinking about opening and importing or exporting business in Costa Rica? Or do you already have one and are looking for a reliable company to help you in the international logistics process? Conexión Logística Centroamericana S.A., is a company created in year 2014. It´s main mid-term goal was to become the best option for the transportation of goods and the handling of integrated logistics in the Central American region. The company is own by Costa Rican capital only and has its main offices in San José. Their main focus is on land transportation, imports and exports in Central America, Mexico and Panama, using FCL and LCL methods. They operate several business alliances which allow them to offer a door to door service of high quality and accessible cost. Conexión Logísitca offers all the spectrum of services which belong to the international distribution chain: warehouses, importing and exporting customs procedures, tax or health related procedures for importing and exporting and local delivery.

They also offer transportation services for refrigerated or frozen goods. The company has 4 t0 8 tons trucks for urgent delivery or for goods and products that need to travel in isolated environments. But their services are not only transportation in itself, they also offer assessment and consulting in everything related to transportation processes, packaging methods and materials, cargo handling, international cargo insurance, assistance in BASC processes and quality certifications.

Conexión Logística promises to connect your importing and exporting business with the success you need and at the same time they want to offer help in the commonly complicated international logistics process. They claim you can trust them with your importing and exporting businesses to improve in other much needed areas of your business.

If you are interested in getting more information about their company you can email or visit their website

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