A New Way to Experience Adventure in Costa Rica

eco logoWhen thinking of Costa Rica most people won´t think about a corporate developed environment, although that is something that goes on in most of the Central Valley area. People think of monkeys, crocodiles, rain forest, beaches, surfing, fishing, zip lining and volcanos, just to name a few. One of the amazing things about Costa Rica is that travel time between adventures is short, and it looks like it is becoming even shorter.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is, well, an adventure park located in Playa Matapalo, Guanacaste, right next to the RIU Hotel. Their goal is to provide as many adventure tours in a single location. With that in mind, they currently offer some 30 different activities like hanging bridges, kayaking, snorkeling, animal watching, walking and hiking, and a one of its kind in Costa Rica, a dual action zip line close to a mile in length and over 4,400 feet high. Talking about adrenaline, huh?

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is conveniently located to all the resorts, condos and residences from Papagayo Gulf, Ocotal, Coco Beach, Hermosa Beach, Liberia and all the surrounding areas. Still, Tamarindo, Flamingo, Potrero and all the Gold Coast towns are not that far away either.

Sounds enticing, doesn´t it? If you are already thinking about your visita to Diamante Eco Adventure Park, they have three packages available: Diamante Pass, Adrenaline Pass and Discovery Pass. Diamante Pass starts at $138 per person, it includes many adventure activies as well as must relaxed ones like bird and animal watching. Get ready for a full day of non-stop adventure. By the way, a buffet lunch. For the adventurous but not so interested in watching animals and plants, you can go for the Adrenaline Pass, it starts at $88 per person and you can be ready to have lots of fun and action. For the less adventurous, the Discovery Pass will be a good match. Watch animals, enjoy the gardens, relax at the beach. Want some adventure to go with it? Don´t worry, it includes one hour of mountain biking, one hour of kayaking and one hour of stand up paddle board. It does not include lunch, but the buffet is available for $14 per person. Additional tours can be added to any package.

Visiting Guanacaste, make sure you set a day aside and enjoy all the adventure Diamante Eco Adventure Park has to offer.


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