A Costa Rican Artist Transforms Wood From Fallen Trees Into A Magical Masterpiece

tony3Costa Rica is not just nature, rain forest, colorful frogs, prestine beaches and active volcanoes. In later years, Costa Rican´s appetite for local culture has been on the raise, with music groups like Editus and Malpais just to name a few. But also painting and sculpting are becoming more and more important in the country.

An example of this is Tony Jiménez (www.tonyjimenez.com). He is a Costa Rican sculptor who transforms wood from fallen tries into creative masterpieces. Tony was born in the northern province of Guanacaste. He has participated in several art expos where he has received many recognitions.

Just by going online and checking the pictures of his art you will be able to feel what the artist wants to express, now being closer to those pieces is a totally different experience. According to his website, in each piece Tony wants to “bring out the texture, quality and color of the woods he uses” through including “movement, dynamics and fine finishes” to each one of his pieces.

We at Today In Costa Rica want to share with you the local talent of the Ticos. We want to invite you to visit Tony´s website and next time you are in the country go visit his workshop in Guayabo, Bagaces, Guanacaste, located right on the foothills of the Miravalles Volcano.

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