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Noni, the Costa Rican Healing Fruit

More and more, people all over the world are looking at nature to find medicinal plants and treatments for their sickness or diseases. People are tired of having chemicals and artificial ingredients in their foods and medicines, and some ´people believe this is one of the reasons they are getting sick. So, nature becomes a good source for remedies and medicines. Costa Rica is one of those places in the world with plenty medicinal plants and a long history of medicinal plant usage.

One of those fruits is noni (morinda citrofolia), it is originally from India, but it grows everywhere in Costa Rica. This fruit is very rich in excipients, its active ingredient. A Noni tree can live up to 80 years.

Noni fruit acts at a basic cellular level. It can act stimulating the immune system, increasing bodily energy, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, regulating sleep, bowel functions and blood pressure. I can also treat erectile dysfunction in men. It has been used in the treatment of diabetes. The Noni fruit also helps as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-histaminic and painkiller.

Noni also helps the nervous system. It has the ability to reduce stress and increase endurance and energy, lessen the side effects of depression and insomnia. In regards to the respiratory system, it can be used against asthma and sinus infection.

Noni is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and amino acids. It has a bitter flavor so many people tend to stay away from it despite its many benefits. However, it can be mixed with other fruit juices to improve the taste and its consumption.

10 Reason Why You Should Visit A Fresh Market Next Time You Are In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is well-known around the world for its green rain forest, its pristine beaches, its flora and fauna, its active volcanoes, but also for the freshness of its mangoes, bananas, pineapples, cantaloupe melons, and pretty much all of its vegetables and produce.

Every town in the country has a fresh market – or feria, the local Spanish term for Fresh Market – where local producers come by for a few hours or days to sell what they grow in their family farms. Bigger cities like Tibás and Zapote in San José have their fresh markets on Saturday mornings. Smaller towns like Liberia, Guanacaste have a two day feria during the week, Liberia´s feria is on Thursday and Friday of every week.

So, why should you visit a Fresh Market in Costa Rica? Here we give you ten reasons why you should do it.

  1. Vegetables and fruits are super fresh. They come straight from the farm to your table.20160512_113815







  1. All your produce, fruits and vegetables are dirt cheap, and we mean cheap! You can get tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, pineapples, celery, cilantro and more enough for one week for less than $10 (for a family of three)20160512_113802







  1. Want to hear stories about the Costa Rican farmers? Any of them will be glad to tell you about their life while you shop… it is a worthwhile experience20160512_113659.







  1. Cheap Costa Rican bananas!!! No kidding, you can get like 10 bananas for half a dollar!20160512_113640









  1. Fresh homemade cheese and source cream…the best there is!
  1. Pineapple, cantaloupes and watermelons for 500 colones (about $1)…really, you can get them that cheap during growing seasons.20160512_113617








  1. Makes up for a nice walk. The feria normally stretches for a couple of blocks on a city street so that will make a nice and relaxing walk, getting some fresh air while you shop.20160512_113635








  1. Bargain your fruit price…it is totally legal and acceptable, the best price you get will depend on your bargain abilities.
  1. Did we mentioned the cheap bananas? Oh yes, we did, but they are so good and so cheap that it is worth it to remind you, you can get a bunch of them for less than a dollar, if you bring kids with you they might even get free ones while they shop.20160512_113738







  1. It is an unforgettable experience you won´t have the chance to experience back home…may be you have something similar, but nothing like a tico fresh market, you will have to go and experience it for yourself.20160512_113651

Costa Rican Government Is Drawing Upon More Dialogue in Congress to Obtain Approval of New Taxes

Costa Rican Executive Branch starts its third year of government in Congress with a reduced deck of strategies. Also, the odds of getting new taxes approved does not seem to be in favor of President Solis´ Administration.

The government is faced by 9 different political parties which, have joined forces to fight against the government´s tax agenda. As a matter of fact, seven of those nine parties have promised not to touch any projects related to new taxes until the needed fiscal reforms are in place.

Not only that, this Administration is also facing some other problems in Congress. First, the ruling party does not have the presidency in Congress, presidential elections are coming up, and the liberal congressmen are promising to block the parliament. So, what chances does the President have of getting the new taxes approved?

Parliament Entrustment

President Solis said “(My Administration) will be able to finish its term without suffering severe damage as a result of the tax chaos. However, the succeeding government will be faced with a truly oppressive situation”, in relation to the tax crisis that, according to President Solis, the country will face starting in 2018. According to some political analyst, this is a declaration that transfers the weight of the tax reforms to the political parties that will be running for the presidency in 2018 and releases the current government of the pressure.

Rolando González, PLN Congressman said “the President did not come to give a report of what he has done, instead he gave a speech focused on the future. The fact that he starts to talk about the next government now is an indication that he wants to sail in peaceful waters and is giving on the tax situation.”

The Pacific Alliance, Cuts and Regulations

There are some other strategies that could be useful, but inadequate. According to a political analyst, when the President conditioned the approval of new taxes to be able to access the Pacific Alliance he opened a door that could bring new perspectives to the tax debate, especially outside of Congress where business groups interested in the Alliance could put direct pressure over Congress. Another strategy could be the warning that public purchases could be reduced to almost half in the National Budget for 2017.

Dialogue: Congress Eternal Recipe

The Vice Minister of the Presidency, Luis Paulino Mora, is aware that the situation in Congress might be difficult, but he thinks that the spectrum of action from the Executive Branch regarding tax projects has not changed. He believes it is feasible to approve projects, in the upcoming year, related to pension funds, taxes to corporations, and the fight against tax fraud, but all of that will require a proactive dialogue.

According to the President of Congress, Antonio Alvarez Desanti “if the Government wants to start conversations on taxes, our number one rule is to approve the projects related to government expenditure. They need to be speeded up.”

Are You Thinking About An Exporting or Importing Business in Costa Rica?

Thinking about opening and importing or exporting business in Costa Rica? Or do you already have one and are looking for a reliable company to help you in the international logistics process? Conexión Logística Centroamericana S.A., is a company created in year 2014. It´s main mid-term goal was to become the best option for the transportation of goods and the handling of integrated logistics in the Central American region. The company is own by Costa Rican capital only and has its main offices in San José. Their main focus is on land transportation, imports and exports in Central America, Mexico and Panama, using FCL and LCL methods. They operate several business alliances which allow them to offer a door to door service of high quality and accessible cost. Conexión Logísitca offers all the spectrum of services which belong to the international distribution chain: warehouses, importing and exporting customs procedures, tax or health related procedures for importing and exporting and local delivery.

They also offer transportation services for refrigerated or frozen goods. The company has 4 t0 8 tons trucks for urgent delivery or for goods and products that need to travel in isolated environments. But their services are not only transportation in itself, they also offer assessment and consulting in everything related to transportation processes, packaging methods and materials, cargo handling, international cargo insurance, assistance in BASC processes and quality certifications.

Conexión Logística promises to connect your importing and exporting business with the success you need and at the same time they want to offer help in the commonly complicated international logistics process. They claim you can trust them with your importing and exporting businesses to improve in other much needed areas of your business.

If you are interested in getting more information about their company you can email or visit their website

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