10 Reason Why You Should Visit A Fresh Market Next Time You Are In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is well-known around the world for its green rain forest, its pristine beaches, its flora and fauna, its active volcanoes, but also for the freshness of its mangoes, bananas, pineapples, cantaloupe melons, and pretty much all of its vegetables and produce.

Every town in the country has a fresh market – or feria, the local Spanish term for Fresh Market – where local producers come by for a few hours or days to sell what they grow in their family farms. Bigger cities like Tibás and Zapote in San José have their fresh markets on Saturday mornings. Smaller towns like Liberia, Guanacaste have a two day feria during the week, Liberia´s feria is on Thursday and Friday of every week.

So, why should you visit a Fresh Market in Costa Rica? Here we give you ten reasons why you should do it.

  1. Vegetables and fruits are super fresh. They come straight from the farm to your table.20160512_113815







  1. All your produce, fruits and vegetables are dirt cheap, and we mean cheap! You can get tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, pineapples, celery, cilantro and more enough for one week for less than $10 (for a family of three)20160512_113802







  1. Want to hear stories about the Costa Rican farmers? Any of them will be glad to tell you about their life while you shop… it is a worthwhile experience20160512_113659.







  1. Cheap Costa Rican bananas!!! No kidding, you can get like 10 bananas for half a dollar!20160512_113640









  1. Fresh homemade cheese and source cream…the best there is!
  1. Pineapple, cantaloupes and watermelons for 500 colones (about $1)…really, you can get them that cheap during growing seasons.20160512_113617








  1. Makes up for a nice walk. The feria normally stretches for a couple of blocks on a city street so that will make a nice and relaxing walk, getting some fresh air while you shop.20160512_113635








  1. Bargain your fruit price…it is totally legal and acceptable, the best price you get will depend on your bargain abilities.
  1. Did we mentioned the cheap bananas? Oh yes, we did, but they are so good and so cheap that it is worth it to remind you, you can get a bunch of them for less than a dollar, if you bring kids with you they might even get free ones while they shop.20160512_113738







  1. It is an unforgettable experience you won´t have the chance to experience back home…may be you have something similar, but nothing like a tico fresh market, you will have to go and experience it for yourself.20160512_113651
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